With IvyCEO There are many benefits for potential employees and employers.   IvyCEO utilizes Alumni networks as a tool for honing industry-specific skills and staying in touch with industry-related news. IvyCEO alumni networks offer links to articles about industry or company-specific developments, professional education credits and training, and best practices in the field.

Business Planning

Strategically focused planning is vital to the success of your organization. However, over time, efforts may become unfocused, internally focused or simply poorly executed.

IvyCEO can provide an objective, independent analysis of the impact, consistency, and appropriateness of your business. We can also provide evaluations on the staff, financial management, policy and procedure processes in order to gauge a successful structure for your business plan.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

IvyCEO can assist in M & A  transactions.  The process in which the ownership of companies, other business organizations or their operating units are transferred or combined can be either a smooth transition or rocky.  As part of our strategic management,  M&A can allow businesses or enterprises to grow, change the nature of their business and/or improve their competitive position.



Advisory/Consulting Services 
There are several benefits of utilizing IvyCEO's business advisory consulting services. The major advantage is the potential to improve operational efficiency. In addition, it is the ideal way for a company to achieve its goals. Our consultants have the expertise in decision-making, which is one of the key elements that any advisory team must possess. Our consultants offer valuable insight in areas of customer service, business operations, sales and marketing, business management, strategic planning, and more.  The bottom line is to achieve the growth and stability for your organization.  We will work with you in order to design and implement methods to achieve this. 


Executive Recruitment

With IvyCEO you can look forward to an increased bottom line and significant growth. We work with you through a series of assessments of critical areas in your business such as: human resources, performance, revenue, market share, training, employee motivation and retention. Our goal is to help accentuate your companies growth.